Meredith R. Brown

California State Bar #189386

Ms. Brown has been practicing immigration law since 1997 and has been an advocate for the immigrant community since 1988, when she began as a volunteer with the Central American Refugee Committee.

Ms. Brown is on the pro bono panel of the Los Angeles Immigration Court. She is a graduate of Loyola Law School and holds her B.A. in psychology from Occidental College, Los Angeles, California.

As an immigration attorney and people’s advocate, Ms. Brown’s mission has been to bring about positive and lasting change within the current immigration law by working with both the immigrant community as well as with community-based  leaders and elected officials.

Attorney Brown practices in virtually all areas of immigration law and is a member of the Executive Committee of the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Immigration Section. She is also a member of the American Immigration Lawyers’ Association (AILA) and takes pride in her decades-long work in various non-profit organizations in the Los Angeles area. She has traveled extensively to El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico and other Latin American countries, and has done coursework at Sussex and Cambridge Universities in England. She participates with a variety of television and radio news broadcasts in the Los Angeles area.  Attorney Brown and her staff are fluent in the Spanish language.

Attorney Brown has presented briefs before the Los Angeles Immigration Court, the Board of Immigration Appeals and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Her passion is winning clients’ cases—whether in Immigration Court, or before the US Citizenship and Immigration Services—as well as advocating for just immigration laws. The Law Office of Meredith Brown is staffed with some of the finest, most professional legal assistants in the Los Angeles area, who are eager to assist each and every client.

Some of Ms. Brown’s achievements over the years include the following:

  • Ms. Brown was one of the principal organizers of a major, pro-immigrant rights mobilization in Washington DC in October 1996, in which nearly 100,000 persons participated.
  • She has assisted with class action litigation to protect the rights of dozens of naturalized citizens to remain as such—even under the threat of erroneous denaturalization by the Immigration and Naturalization Service.
  • She has volunteered her time with other communities and institutions, including Casa Nicaragua, One Stop Immigration, the Central American Resource Center, and other community-based organizations— presenting free information on the immigration law to thousands of participants.
  • She has mentored law students each summer, training summer interns to work on class action litigation and to advocate for immigrants.
  • She is involved with a variety of projects including:
    • Informational campaigns to protect immigrants against notary fraud
    • Trainings sponsored by the Los Angeles County Bar
    • Campaigns to expand current immigration laws with the goal of providing more rights and protection for immigrants.

Here is what our staff has to say:

No other job would give me the satisfaction the immigration field brings to me. Seeing the happiness that a change in their immigration status brings to a hardworking, deserving family, is overwhelming. To me, filling out forms, reviewing documents, and paying attention to detail on a case-by-case basis is not just part of my job, it’s a way of giving families the best chance to have their cases granted and staying together.
Claudia Góngora, Legal Assistant, 20 Years' Experience
I like to help the community and I enjoy my job. We are a professional and honest team.
Jackie Sahagun, Legal Assistant of 7 years
I love my job. What I like about it is to know that our work has changed someone’s life.
Mayra Reyes, Legal Assistant of 1 year
Carolina Callejas, Receptionist