Domestic Violence Case – VAWA Requirements

  1. Reports and any information from the police
  2. Hospital or medical reports regarding any health issues suffered due to domestic violence
  3. Evidence of the domestic violence (Pictures, bills from doctor, etc.)
  4. Reports and any information from a psychologist or social worker
  5. Reports and any information from the court (restraining order, etc.)
  6. Biographical documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate)
  7. Evidence of spouse’s citizenship / permanent resident status
  8. Evidence of your marriage been in good faith (documents, pictures of your children, marriage, honeymoon, vacations, visiting each other’s family, etc).
  9. Any / all documents relating to immigration
  10. Your own declaration (and of others if necessary)
  11. Attorney fees: $3,000.

These prices DO NOT include the adjustment of status, which requires a separate contract and fee.

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