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Naturalization Requirements

Naturalization Requirements

Have at least 5 years of lawful permanent residence; or if you obtained your residency through marriage to a US Citizen, have at least 3 years of being married to the same person and have 3 years of having been granted residency.

Residence (Green) card, Social Security card and valid drivers license or ID.

Birth certificate OR passport.

2 Passport-style photographs

Addresses where you have lived for the last five years (Please bring them in writing and include the month and year when you moved in/out).

Name and addresses of your place of employment for the last five years (Please bring them in writing and include the position you held and the month and year you started working at each place).

If you have left the United States, please bring the dates you left and the dates you came back. Please include the month, day and year of each departure and return.

Marriage certificate and/or divorce decree (if applicable).

Name, date of birth, “A” number, and social security number of your spouse and children (if applicable).

If you have been arrested, detained or summoned into court, please bring all the documentation relating to your case. Including but not limited to: court disposition, arrest report, police clearance letter, etc.

If you’re a male between the ages of 26 and 32, please bring your selective service registry number and date of registration—if you have it.

Money order for $725.00 (includes finger prints)

Office fee $500.00

Please call us at (818) 541-9999 for an appointment and bring all the necessary documents to better serve you.

*NOTE: This is a basic list of documents and information needed; however, additional information and/or documentation may be needed on an individual-case basis.

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