How to Prepare for a DACA Renewal

As of the writing of this article (May 23, 2014), USCIS has not released the form needed to renew one's DACA status, but there are steps that an applicant can take to prepare.  Immigration authorities will require newer documentation of one's physical presence in the US--that is,  applicants will need to show that they remained in the US since the time of the mailing of their last DACA application to the present.  In addition, people will need to pay $465, show "measurable progress" in their studies towards a GED (or their high school diploma) if needed, they will need to take their biometr

Breaking Down The New, Proposed Waiver Process

As many of you know, President Obama is attempting to simply the process of obtaining one’s green card through a family member.  If an immigrant is in the US illegally for more than one year, when that person leaves the US for a consular appointment to get his or her legal permanent resident status, they are subject to a ten year penalty in which they cannot return to the US—unless they can show that their documented spouse and / or parents will suffer extreme hardship because of this separation.