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Lic. Meredith R. Brown | California State Bar # 189386

Meredith Brown practices in virtually all areas of immigration law and is a member of the Executive Committee of the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Immigration Section, and she is an active member of the National Immigration Project, and the American Immigration Lawyers’ Association (AILA) since 1997.

Ms. Brown is a graduate of Occidental College and Loyola Law School, and she prides herself on her 30+ years’ work with various non-profit organizations in the Los Angeles area. She has traveled extensively to El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico and other Latin American countries, and has done coursework at Sussex and Cambridge Universities in England.

Attorney Brown participates with a variety of television and radio news broadcasts in the Los Angeles area. She also gives weekly commentary with Central American TV, analyzing different cases and helping to clarify what is one of the most complex areas of law: immigration.

Tracy Martinez – Receptionist

Tracy Martinez was born in Nicaragua and raised in Los Angeles. She went to school to obtain her Medical Assistant license. And worked in the Medical Field for 15 years.


Growing up in the Mid-City/Pico-Union area, she had seen first-hand accounts of family and friends who no matter how hard they worked the ability to advance and prosper were at a halt due to Immigrational status and injustices. So when the opportunity to join a team that helps out the community for people who are in the pursuit of improving their lives through immigration. She knew she wanted to be part of the changes and commitment of the Law Office of Meredith Brown and her outstanding staff.

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Guadalupe Saavedra – Legal Assistant

Guadalupe was born in Los Angeles, California. She majored in Chicano/a Studies with a concentration in immigration law and policies, in addition to a double major in Spanish in order to assist her community.


Her father immigrated as a derivative from the Bracero program as her grandfather was an active participant, and her mother was able to obtain legal status through President Reagan’s Amnesty. Her interest in immigration started while she was a student at UCLA back in 2013 and started an internship with a local non-profit in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Guadalupe also has a Labor and Workplace minor where she assisted in various research helping the immigrant Latino community and fight for the $15 an hour for essential workers. Her immigration experience started during President Obama’s DACA program and the start of the I-601A waiver applications. She loves helping families while reuniting them so they can have a more stable emotional and economical lifestyle.

Consuelo Estrada – Legal Assistant

Consuelo Estrada was born in a small town known as Zacoalco de Torres, Jalisco, Mexico. She comes from a very humble and large family and immigrated to the United States when she was 5 years old. After graduating from High School she continued her education at a Community College. 

"School was very challenging for me as I was growing up. My father was a day laborer for many crop farms. Some of my favorite memories were traveling from place to place in the northern part of California picking different types of fruits and vegetables every summer. So, this was hard for me because having to move from one school to another every crop season it was not easy."

"My hard work paid off. Shortly after entering my career as a paralegal and working with attorneys in various practices. Working with these attorneys made me value the work that I do for minorities and low-income immigrants."

"Values that I feel have come from humble beginnings. I choose to continue helping immigrants. Thanks to the Law Office of Meredith Brown for giving me the opportunity to continue helping keeping families together. I enjoy spending time with my family and camping outdoors"

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Mayra Contreras – Legal Assistant

Mayra Contreras was born and raised in El Monte, CA, which is predominantly made

up of the Latinx community, to parents who immigrated from Mexico.

Colima and a small pueblo in Jalisco called Zapotitlan de Vadillo.

Mayra received a BA in Political Science from UC Riverside and prior to working at the Law Office of Meredith Brown she worked as a Youth Advocate Intern at a nonprofit organization in high school called Day One El Monte.

"I became interested in immigration law around 2016. The political

climate was intense and very terrifying and uncertain for the

immigrant community at the time, and I wanted to help them out as

much as possible. I was fortunate enough that her parents had become

US citizens years prior, but she knew a lot of people, including some of

my friends’ parents, who were still struggling to obtain legal status."


"It was also around the time that my grandmother and uncle passed away

shortly after receiving their Legal Permanent Residency and

Citizenship. I saw first hand the amount of time and effort they put

into obtaining their legal status, and found it difficult knowing that they

weren’t able to enjoy it. However, seeing how long they had to wait

for it, inspired and motivated me to help others to overcome that same process."

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